Find a word using all letters... except one. That letter is eaten!
Until only 5 letters remain.

A joyous and edifying word game, suited for starting orthographers and seasoned scrabblers alike.
We have not exactly done the math, but be sure not to overeat with tens of thousands of puzzles to crunch.
You can also taste your words in French or Dutch, if you dare.
Enjoy the meal!

Developed with support of Gamefonds, Alfágo is a challenging word game that runs on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and even Apple Watch!

Ranascan - FG2Lead / FG2visit


In collaboration with www.holapress.com, organisers of professional trade shows, Ranavision developed Ranascan, a generic platform allowing exhibitors to collect leads by scanning visitors' badges. This integrated solution (iOS app & API) does away with cumbersome barcode readers.
The API was extended to accommodate FG2visit, the accompanying app for visitors.
These solutions have proven their worth during deployment at several trade shows with thousands of visitors.

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Tool2Tune - PID
Fine-tune your PID controllers and master your industrial processes


Tool2Tune-PID is a powerful simulator for iPhone / iPad that allows you to model your processes and visualize the impact of changes to your PID controller on the performance of your control loop. You can import CSV files and compare the results with you real data. Identify processes that could benefit from control optimization.

T2T-PID was developed in collaboration with SPC Consultants, experts with more than 20 years' experience in automation and system integration.

Find out more on the dedicated website http://t2t-pid.com

Ranatree - HUE ready

ranatree fractal tree screenshot on iPhone/iPad ranatree fractal tree screenshot on iPhone/iPad ranatree fractal tree in 3D screenshot on iPhone/iPad ranatree fractal tree screenshot on iPhone/iPad ranatree fractal tree sharing screenshot on iPhone/iPad

NEW: Let Ranatree take control of your Philips Hue lights! Sit back and relax, watching Ranatree create colors on your device and in your home!

Make your own unique fractal trees: a few basic branches are repeated over and over and create complex, colorful designs.

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